Esun Standard Lens

Standard Lens , is a Medium Level premium Lens . The following Attributes are an advantage of Standard Lens with the addition qualities of  Esun Economy Lens .

Index 1.56 & 1.60

Due to Aspheric design and 1.56 and 1.60 index
lens will be flatter, Thinner and lighter

standard 5

HMC (Hard Multi Coated Lens)

  • No chance of coating peel off
  • No Reflection
  • More transparency
  • No Shade
  • 7 + 7 Layer coatings (inner 7 layer and outer 7 layer)

Design : Ashperic

  • The Curve of the front surface of the lens features an aspheric design.  
  • Compared to spherical  design , aspheric design makes it possible to produce a thinner , lighter lens with less distortion or blurring
Esun standard
Ashperic Design

UV 400 nm protection 99%

  • It is protecting Larger Amount of UV 400 nm Rays from sunlight.
  • EMI( Electro Magnetic Interface coating)

Radiation Protection especially from computer meachine , Smart Phone , etc.,

  • Superior Vision

standard_supervision (1)

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

9800 +
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