Esun Blue Cut Lens

Blue Cut Lens , is a Top premium Lens Offering Now a days. The following Attributes are an advantage of Blue Cut lens with the addition qualities of Esun Standard Lens and Esun Economy Lens .

Esun Blue Cut Lens

Blue Cut Lens is 100 %suitable for People using Gadgets Like , Mobile , Tab, LED , LCD , Computer Screens . It is blocking (upto 99%) the Blue light produced by Electronics Gadgets to avoid the disease caused by Blue Light .

Dangerous Of Blue Light 

  • Digital Eye strain syndrome : Blurry Vision , Eye irritation , Headaches , neck & Back Pain.
  • Aggravates Depression.
  • Disrupts the circadian rhythm (mainly Sleep disorders).
  • May cause MYOPIA , age related macular degeneration  (AMD) and even irreversible vision loss.
  • Index 1.56 and 1.60
  • Transmission upto 99 %
  • Design :  Ashperic
  • HMC ( Hard multi Coated Lens)
  • UV 400 nm protection 100%
  • EMI( Electro Magnetic Interface coating)

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